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Posted by caseyarchibald on April 5, 2010 at 10:52 AM

Hey everyone,

Well this is my 3rd year of playing basketball overseas and I have finally decided to blog. When I first left the homeland 3 years ago my father recommended that I started a blog, if it wasn’t to express myself at least it would be for my family to know the goings on of my new life. As you can see I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea and decided not to take part.  In those times I have read a lot of different blogs, from fellow athletes, to CEO’s to just random bloggers, and I guess I have officially read enough entertaining ones that I thought I would start writing myself.

Without boring you too much I will give a quick re-cap ofthe last 3 years.  After I graduated from UBC (best 5 years of my life) I was offered a job in Austria to play for then Kraftwerk Wels Basket club (now Raiffiessen Wels).  My first year was a HUGE adjustment to say the least.  Ball was different, food was different, the people were different, heck everything from the toilets to the speed limits were different.  I had another Canadian on the team, Rich Anderson, so that was a good buffer although that year went by extremely slow.  We finished middle of the pack and I had a decent rookie season, solid, not amazing.

I ended up signing back with Wels in my 2nd season.  This was a really fun year as we had a great group of guys and really gelled as a team.  I was having a good year up until right after the Cup.  I was averaging close to 17 ppg and helped us get to the Final of the Austrian Cup.  Missing 2 key players the whole way we ran out of gas and weren’t able to pull it off. Shortly after this I suffered an overuse injury in my foot and needed 3 months rest.  I came back in the semi-finals of the playoffs and helped where I could.  We ended up playing our biggest rivals,Gmuden Swans (then Euro-cup team).  This was a heated series with both the fans and the players knowing each other far too well.  I was able to contribute about 20 minutes a game (keep in mind I was out for 3 months) in this series and help Wels claim its first ever championship in over 50 years as a club. It was a great experience for not only us players but the coaching staff, management and of course the amazing fans.

After 2 years in Wels, I felt I needed a change, and with a few other players leaving the team we decided it wasn’t going to work out going back for a 3rd year.  I was looking forward to a new challenge as part of the experience is seeing other countries, playing for different coaches and experiencing different cultures.

After a tough summer of training I landed in Pro A Germany,for a team called Nordlingen Giants.  It has been a very tough year as the team had some financial problems as well as problems winning!!!! I have been here for 7 months and in this time I have seen 8 different Americans come and go, and 1 coach as well.  Needless to say it’s been hard to gel as a team and our record shows it.  We have 3 games left where hopefully we can restore some pride in the teams name, and then it will be time to move on to other things.

Well this being my first blog I will end it here with a quote that will get me through another long week of practice.

“Failure and rejection can be the best motivators and sources of learning. Setbacks should make you more determined to improve.”



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