Posted by caseyarchibald on May 20, 2010 at 12:28 PM

Off season for basketball players is a tricky business.  It’s something like playing Blackjack.  If you sign too early you may miss the chanceof getting that card that you need to get the perfect hand, although if youkeep playing hoping for that one card you might bust before you find it.  It’s also similar in the fact that you willhave people in both your ears telling you to go one way or the other.  But when it comes down to it, it’s your cardsand you need to play them as best as you see fit.

I’m currently writing this into my Blackberry in theDusseldorf airport on a layover en route to Alicante, Spain.  I spent the last week in a small town inEstonia called Rakveere visiting a good friend and old teammate who I playedwith in Austria.  When I booked the tripI was thinking I would have a little vacation after my season and see anotherpart of the world that I had no idea about. I turned out to be a bit different. Richard’s team ended up making the finals of the league and somehow Iended up practicing with them while I was there.  It turned out to be a lot of fun as it was agreat group of guys and everyone was really nice.

As of now this looks like it will be the first card playedas the coach liked what he saw and with the possibility that they may play inthe Eurocup next season he is quite interested in bringing me in.

In other news I have been invited for a National Team tryoutthis summer which I am all geeked up  forand look forward to training and getting ready for.  I haven’t been in the mix for a few years soit’s a great opportunity.

Now I am just praying that I make it to Spain with all mybags and without getting ripped off by any more people like what just happenedto me in Riga, Latvia.  But that’sanother story!


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