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Posted by caseyarchibald on August 29, 2010 at 7:41 AM

Here I am on the team bus returning from training camp.  Yup. Another season has come.  Withthat is the usual anticipation and excitement that the next 10 monthshold.  With every new team come manyunknowns.  Will the coach speak English,what my apartment will be like, how will my teammates be, what will be my roleon the court, how will the city be... The list goes on.  As this is my 4th season overseasI now take these unknowns head first and am more so looking forward to them thanworrying about what the future holds.  Istill remember  before leaving for myfirst season in Austria I was having my going away party and I was filled witha sense of anxiety as not only had I never been to  Europe but I have never even seen a Europeangame before.  And I was going to go liveon my own in this strange country for the next 10 months and play ball for aEuropean team?  Well now I know what toexpect and how the whole business of this game works.  I have also learned to adapt to all sorts ofdifferent situations and feel comfortable in most.  One thing that I have learned in these past 4years is how to enjoy things that I would have once seen as strange oruncomfortable and I try to make myself feel at home wherever I may be.


With that said I have officially been here for a week andmany of these unknowns have been resolved and I am comfortable saying that thisyear has the possibility to be a great year. I never want to get ahead of myself or come to any conclusions before Iknow more but after a week of running, lifting and practices (yes, in thatorder) I believe we have a good group and if we can stay together, play foreach other, stay healthy and stay positive then we could all have a successfulyear, and along with that a few laughs and an enjoyable ride.


I am now heading back to Tallinn for a day and a half off(yes I’ve also learned to count half days as most of my days are split into 2or 3 workouts) and then starting next week with our first preseason gameagainst a traveling team of free agents from Oklahoma.  I’m looking forward to getting back out thereand seeing what we are working with. Stay fresh stay positive.


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